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Air conditioning can be very important for most residents during their hot months of summer. An air conditioning unit that is running well can make life much more pleasant when temperatures outside are on the rise. However, to ensure that a home’s air conditioning service is working well it needs to have regular Fort Myers FL air conditioning service performed on it. Some of this type of service can be done by the home’s owner using just a few simple tools that are generally kept at the house.

When doing air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL it is important to understand just a bit about how the air conditioning system works. Most systems today are split units. This means that the system is comprised of two separate units. One unit is generally located inside the home in the garage, attic or in a utility closet. This unit may be near or combined with the heating system of the home. This unit contains the system for blowing the cold air into the ducts and vents of the home. It is also, where one will find the air filter for the system.

The outside unit is often referred to as the compressor. This unit pulls in air into the system, cools it with the use of a refrigerant gas such as Freon. Once the air is cooled, it is sent into the blower blows the cooled air into the home through the same duct and vent system that is generally used by the home’s heating system. This unit is generally located outside in the back or side yard on a slab of concrete that is designed specifically for the unit.

Both of these units are needed to ensure that the air conditioning system is operating correctly. This makes it important that a homeowner spend some times at both units when they are doing any type of air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL.

One of the most important types of air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL that needs to be done to both units is cleaning. Since the compressor is located outside, it is subject to all types of weather conditions and this can result in not only the unit being dirty, but also various type of matter can gather inside the housing unit as well. After the power has been disconnected to the unit, it is a good idea to remove the housing unit and spend some time removing any leaves, grass, trash or other debris that might have collected within the unit. It is a good idea to check that the fan is moving freely and that nothing has become trapped underneath it.

Next, the unit should be hosed off with a garden hose. If the unit is extremely dirty and water is not enough it may be a good idea to buy a cleaner designed specifically for cleaning this unit. Once the unit is cleaned, the housing unit needs to be replaced and a carpenter’s level should be used to ensure that the unit is level. If it is not, adjustments should be made to ensure it continues to operate correctly.

While one is performing Fort Myers FL air conditioning service work it is also important to spend some time cleaning the blower unit as well. This unit should be vacuumed well and the blades of the fan should be wiped to remove the dust and other debris that tends to accumulate in the unit. The unit should also be inspected to make sure there are no cracks or damage that can be noted. It is a good idea to check the wiring to make sure rodents have not started to eat at the wires. Lastly, the belt to the fan will need to be examined for wear as well.

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